RENÉE PARIS, French craftsmen ambassador.

RENÉE PARIS brings to craftsmen a visibility, new projects and challenges to study, additional business. It is their sales representative and more beautifully said, RENÉE PARIS wants to be their ambassador. Its mission is to promote to companies the know-how of its partners as well as ideas of previous achievements. And this to create new tailor-made craft projects.

On both side, everyone makes its own contribution, it is a work in pairs. A mutual trust is established. It is essential when the work is hand-made, precise and technical. Sharing and transparency are essential. RENÉE PARIS maintains this relationship throughout the year while visiting their workshops, meetings at events or trade fairs where its partners exhibit.

The founder has a great respect and admiration for the craftsmen work. It contributes to construct a long-lasting, deep and sincere working relationship. If you are a French craftsman with a unique savoir-faire – specialised in fashion, accessories, fashion, decoration or design, let’s talk together.

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The opinion of our clients is essential. The opinion of our partners is just as essential. This could be part of a CSR policy but it is first of all common sense. RENÉE PARIS will not exist without its craftsmen.