A bespoke wooden box

An exceptional wooden box

How prestigious it would be to offer your client a bespoke wooden box or a wooden pencil box… Your client will be proud to display it on his desk. A long lasting object mirrors a precious and durable relationship. Inside the box, we can put a laser signature, your logo or any message you want to leave.

Our craftsmen will select the best raw materials and will create a luxurious box for you. We will guide in choosing the wood, the shape and the size, the finishings, the hinge and the type of closing. The craftsmen will create a prestigious and authentic object.

Your client will be delighted.



Size : bespoke

Bespoke external finishings : lacquer, chiseled lacquer, carbon…

Bespoke inside finishings : leather, velvet…

Wood : oak, walnut, ebony of macassar, pear tree…

Minimum : 30 units

Origin : made in France in an art cabinetry. EPV Labelled (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)

Authenticity certificate is provided



To offer a bespoke wooden creation