The “Made in France” is very important for us. It gives sense to our mission and gives us the opportunity to work with many talented craftsmen.

The “Made in France” is an opportunity to construct step by step true and lasting partnerships. We always go and visit, with pleasure and passion, the workshops, discovering their savoir-faire, sharing with the craftsmen their everyday life, create with them an object and then supervise the production.

We want to develop long lasting relationships, maintain the links and challenge each other to propose original and superb objects in order to amaze your customers or your visitors.

The objects we are making are authentic : they are developped with passion and meticulousness. The art craftsmen are selected for their excellence, their professionalism and reliability.

We had 2 European favorites (our leather paperweights) but the “Made in France” is and will remain our leitmotiv.


Buste en marqueterie de paille

For a few years now, initiatives are growing to discover French craft. RENÉE PARIS is delighted to give the opportunity to companies to discover these hidden talents through a differentiating offer.

Discover ideas of French craftsmen creations