RENÉE PARIS and the craftsmen

The testimonies of our partners mean a lot to us

“The opinion of our clients is essential. The opinion of our partners is just as essential. This could be part of a CSR policy but it is first of all common sense. RENÉE PARIS will not exist without its craftsmen. 

We admire their work and respect it. We are interested in their techniques and their innovations. With RENÉE PARIS, we want to help them develop their talent, sell their creations and promote their know-how all over the world.

We like to discover new gestures, new materials and make companies or individuals discover their savoir-faire. Working with the artisans, we have the impression – very modestly – of taking part in their creation. The relationship is true and professional. The working relationship is healthy because we want it to be “win/win”. We are delighted to read that our expectations are understood and that satisfaction is mutual.”



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