When Letters, Words, Poetry, Colour and Textures take the lime light

Our partner meditates on words, she is a contemporary calligrapher, a painter and decorator. She can create for you a specific alphabet, logos, words, arabesque. She is able to draw unique creation on paper or on walls. She will use her talent, her emotions to transcribe your feelings or you DNA.

Her unique creations will have a strong impact on the viewer. Words, writings, shapes that unify, regenerate and make us dream.



Creative ideas :

Wall panels on a specific theme for meeting rooms, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, boardrooms…

Creations on paper : greeting cards, VIP envelopps , menus, birth and wedding announcements, contemporary parchments , wine slabels…

Paintings with texture in relief : Italian lime stone and gold leaves

Genealogy tree

Wall decoration


Experience of calligraphy in small group

Origin : Made in France by a prestigious craftsman (“Best Craftsman of France”)

« Human beings and calligraphy are accomplices since the dawn of time ».



To see more photos, check the News called : A contemporary calligraphy.

To discuss on a personalised creation

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