Porcelain change tray

An elegant change tray where to put a few treasures

The first step of creation : RENÉE PARIS and you

RENÉE PARIS exchanges with you, reformulates your desires and your objectives. She explores, captures the messages you want to emphasize thanks to this creation and this object. RENÉE PARIS imagines with you a creation that will meet your expectations, a creation which delivers a message linked to your values and your clients’.

The second step of creation : RENÉE PARIS and the craftsman

RENÉE PARIS forwards to the craftsman the main topics and your objectives. Basing the discussion on a photo, a drawing, a logo or just a simple idea you have provided, the craftsman and RENÉE PARIS share their opinion and imagine a creation together. The craftsman is inspired by it and creates his/her own artwork.

Each piece is unique and tells a story.
Your client, your collaborator or your business contributor will be deeply touched by this particular attention.



Material : Limoges porcelain (from France).

Size : 20 x 17 cm. Square shape is 17 x 17 cm

Decor : custom made

Specificity : hand painted, order from one single unit to small production
Each change tray is cooked in the oven for 12 hours, at a temperature of 750° and 850°.

Authenticity certificate provided

Packaging : white silk paper, cardboard box

Other ideas : bespoke decor on trays, dishes, large plates, duo of coffee cups, napkin ring, tea pot, tea cups, pots…




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