Craft is the heritage of old savoir-faire which exists and persists through centuries.

For a few years now, initiatives are growing to discover French craft. However, they are still not very well-known.
RENÉE PARIS is delighted to give the opportunity to companies to discover these hidden talents through a differentiating offer. In fact, there are so many savoir-faire to discover. The craftsmen are often out of the limelight, some are “hidden” in their small workshops, diving in their own universe where you can see magical things.

They are leather goods or wood workers, straw marquetry and masterglass makers, bronze or fan makers, feather artists, ceramists…
281 listed trades by the National Insitute of French Craft, with 16 different activities.

Through objects, bespoke creations, we realise how their savoir-faire is precious. You will be moved but no one can be indifferent.

Through a Made in France creation, the companies offer their clients a privileged experience. They also demonstrate their commitment to French Craft and craftsmen.


Cuirs de truite
Made in France

The “Made in France” is an opportunity to construct step by step true and lasting partnerships with the French craftsmen. Maintain the links and challenge each other to propose original and superb objects in order to amaze your customers or your visitors.

To discover ideas of French craftsmen creations

Maroquinerie sur mesure

Become a craftsman partner

RENÉE PARIS, French craftsmen ambassador. RENÉE PARIS brings to craftsmen a visibility, new projects and challenges to study, additional business. It is their sales representative and more beautifully said, RENÉE…

RENÉE PARIS supports French Institutions and all craftsmen.