The brand

It is the story of a rebirth…


The founder worked for more than fifteen years in the perfume and fashion industries. Year after year, she learned about beauty, high quality and French savoir-faire.

She worked in a French luxury group and was trained by experts. She was trained in leather goods, textiles and had the opportunity to visit many workshops all around the world. Therefore, she perfectly understands the luxury requirements.

You have understood our mission now… RENÉE PARIS was created to meet beautiful people and construct lasting partnerships.

Its objectives are to link companies and craftsmen, and discover unique and precious French savoir-faire. Authentic and personal bespoke gifts are at the heart of what she does.


Choosing RENÉE PARIS as the brand name was an obvious choice for the founder. In latin « Renatus » means “born twice”.

This choice also comes from the heart : RENÉE PARIS is the founder’s grandmother’s name. This lady exuded feminity, elegance “à la française” and happiness.

This is what RENÉE means : “Very energetic, RENÉE does not stay in place. This active lady gives much importance to her professional career. She is also a faithful wife and friend. She is often happy and joyful, you like spending some time with her, she inspires trust… ».

This first name is making a comeback. It is still an unusual and rare name but scarcity is a luxury, isn’t it ?




Our ambitions, our expertise :

We select the best of each material and pay a particular attention to each detail. We are passionate and respectful of the “hand-made” production. It gives us the energy to find real pearls for our clients.

You can rely on our experience and our partnerships to select and create unique and original objects.
We spend much time with the craftsmen we work with, in order to fully understand the making process so we can explain it clearly to our clients. Besides, this knowledge allows us to anticipate the technical constraints and advise clients accordingly.

We build trust : we supervise project management and product development. We will respect the price, quality and delivery commitments.
From the beginning, we are clear with our clients on the origin of the objects that we propose.


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