A leather collection in… truit leather !

Banca is a small village, lost in the middle of nowhere, located in the Basque region. While looking around the fish farm, something is really stunning : all the team works hand in hand with nature. They are very careful, so respectful and they told us that “Without nature, they would be nothing”.

A fish farm in symbiosis with nature !


The countryside is so beautiful and calm.

Trout are treated like princesses, the farming has got nothing to do with intensive livestock farming. In fact, they are kept in low density ponds, they eat the best food and they grow 4 to 5 years in a cascade of naturally oxygenated spring water.


A 100% eco-responsible collection


It was the family’s son who had the idea of this collection. They gave the collection the same name as the village but with a “K”. In fact, BANKA is the Basque word of the Banca village. This collection is a great idea to use the skin of the trout they do not need.

Therefore, the trout live on and the use of the skin is eco-friendly.

The skins are sent to Brittany (West of France) to a tanner specialised in the precious skin of reptiles or other fish like salmon.

This tanned trout skin – trout leather – does not exist anywhere else. Besides, we have been charmed by the beauty of this skin.


Unique collection


Their skin called “rainbow skin” is beautiful, it has many reflective qualities.

Each item of the BANKA collection is unique. Each skin has its own specificities : it has small dark spots in a row.

These are actually the sonars with which the fish find direction in the water. These visual characteristic need to be centered to create an elegant leather good.

The BANKA collection is very personal and select.

The family put their emotion, their creativity and their passion in the creation of the product.



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