RENÉE PARIS introduces you to the French savoir-faire of its partners. Each savoir-faire will give birth to a custom-made creation that we will imagine together. RENÉE PARIS will manage all the steps of the project and will be your central point of contact.


Détail d'une fresque dorée à la main
Ornemental gidling

Millenary know-how, gilding appears in a new light in the hands of this gilding artist. This ornemanist revisits this ancestral concept with audacity in the fields of art, fashion, interior architecture and design.

Détail d'un tableau en plumes
The art of feathers

French craftsmen reinterpret and divert material according to their desires and their clients’. The feather shines on the Haute Couture catwalks and also appears today in art galleries and interior design.

Céramique architecturale
Architectural ceramic

Inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco, wall ceramics come back to enhance our facades. Our partner revives this know-how with sumptuous ceramic decorations. Decoration in friezes, large mural as an interior or exterior painting.

Cuir gaufré et brodé
Leather finishing

The leather in all its states… Finishing is the generic name of the different stages of decorative and technical finishing that will give the added value of the fabric by…

Orfèvre ciseleur
Goldsmithing and chiselling

The chiseling, the ornamental work of metals. The existence of goldsmiths is attested in all cultures since Antiquity. Gold and silver began to be used as decorative accessories to differentiate…

Luminaire en osier
Design wickerwork

Discover contemporary wickerwork Basket weaving is the art of braiding plant fibres to make useful or decorative objects. This ancestral craft is present all over the world. These handmade contemporary…

Lustre en verre de Murano
Murano glass

A know-how from elsewhere… Murano’s reputation as a centre of glassware was born during the Republic of Venice. In 1291, fearing the fire and the destruction of the city, the…

Décor mural enluminure
Contemporary illumination

Illumination is an object of art… Illumination is an art that finds its roots in the Early Middle Ages, originally aiming to bring light into ancient texts thanks to the…

Abat-jours sur mesure
Bespoke lampshades

Illuminate your interior with custom lampshades

Marqueterie de pierres dures
The art of Stone Inlay

Inheritaded from the Romans, the art of stone inlay was, for the great masters of the Renaissance, the “Eternal painting” that would never fade.

Eventail sur mesure
The fan and its secrets

The fan is chic and fantastic and is an original communication tool. We develop bespoke fans, perfect to accompany guests during an event.

Porcelaine Isabelle Poupinel
Ceramic artworks

The craftsman gives free rein to her intuition and gives to each ceramic artwork a part of her emotions and sensations.

Buste en marqueterie de paille
Straw marquetry

Straw marquetry was born in France in the XVII century. This art could be compared, in terms of techniques, to wood marquetry. The straw marquetry maker cuts the straw, crushes and plates it edge to edge while making a pattern.

Calligraphie contemporaine
A contemporary calligraphy

Writing, tracing and calligraphy have always allowed human beings to convey messages. The calligraph creates words which repair, unify, regenerate and make people dream.

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