RENÉE PARIS, a professional and effective support…


In order to be proactive and nourish its creativity, the team of RENÉE PARIS visits workshops, trade shows, open days and openings. They meet new partners and discover new know-how, with the aim of offering innovative and original ideas to their clients.

Depending on your request, RENÉE PARIS advises you on different types of materials and objects, on a specific know-how… The team gets in touch with their network and selects the craftsman of excellence who will turn your project into a unique and authentic creation.

And if the request is very unusual (we love challenges!), we will look for a craftsman who will put his talent at your service to meet the specifications requested. Our expertise in the field of Luxury and our taste for Beauty guide the creative responses we offer.


RENÉE PARIS supports you in product design, throughout its entire development. From the first sketch to the final delivery, RENÉE PARIS is your favoured contact.

Thanks to its product and business expertise, RENÉE PARIS will be at your side at all stages of development. Its team will answer to your most demanding request. If needed, they will explain the technical constraints of the material and the manufacturing process. Each talent is unique, each material has its own specificities.

We provide you with a high quality of service : advice on multiple objects and know-how, selection of craftsmen of excellence, follow-up of production steps, quality control and deliveries.



Let’s exchange on your project, we will be delighted to give you advice.