Maison & Objet 2021 show

Discover our favourites ! This year, the Maison & Objet show presents us clean shapes and cocooning materials, objects full of sweetness.

An inspiring place

Without touching the classic-chic identity of Westminster, the architect explains that “what can be restored is. And when the project allows it, contemporary creations slip into this setting”.

Leave a trace

“It is the idea of death that is close to us. It is man’s obsession and desire to leave an indelible trace of his ephemeral passage on this earth that give birth to Art.” (Brassaï).

Bespoke lampshades

Illuminate your interior with custom lampshades

RENÉE PARIS and the craftsmen

The opinion of our clients is essential. The opinion of our partners is just as essential.

Discreetly elegant

Create a straw marquetery screen to have an isolated space or for business meetings.

Moments of happyness

To write happiness, calligraphy gives grace to the simplest words.

The art of Stone Inlay

Inheritaded from the Romans, the art of stone inlay was, for the great masters of the Renaissance, the “Eternal painting” that would never fade.

Enhancing French creative heritage

“French Craft Guild” is a young association that brings together and promotes French creators who combine know-how, innovation, creativity and design.

Craft ambassador

Founder of RENÉE PARIS, Laetitia Audinet is a finder of exceptional objects.

The fan and its secrets

The fan is chic and fantastic and is an original communication tool. We develop bespoke fans, perfect to accompany guests during an event.

Ceramic artworks

The craftsman gives free rein to her intuition and gives to each ceramic artwork a part of her emotions and sensations.

One bronze, an exceptional artwork

The contemporary artist models the object with expert hands. He is able to associate the ancestral know how and the recent technologies.

Straw marquetry

Straw marquetry was born in France in the XVII century. This art could be compared, in terms of techniques, to wood marquetry. The straw marquetry maker cuts the straw, crushes and plates it edge to edge while making a pattern.

The colorful Banka range

In an eco-responsible concern for the optimizations of animal resources, the Goicoechea family, owner of the aquaculture farm, has dreamt to valorise the trout skin.

A contemporary calligraphy

Writing, tracing and calligraphy have always allowed human beings to convey messages. The calligraph creates words which repair, unify, regenerate and make people dream.

To discover original ideas of tailor-made objects