Calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing… and even more…

When Letter, Word, Poetry, Colour and Material take the limelight.
Writing, tracing and calligraphy have always allowed human beings to convey messages. Through wall paintings, hieroglyphics, Asian symbols, Arabic and Western writing, calligraphy has been and will always be considered as an art of communication and reliance.



The contemporary calligraphy borrows the numerous alphabetic rythmes, finds its inspiration from different cultures and comes alive on new supports in order to embellish Letters, Verses and Materials… “Calligraphy is linked to human beings since the dawn of time”.

Meeting the artist and her art was an intense moment. Paule is a contemporary calligraph, she is also a painter and a decorator. Following her emotions, she creates new shapes of letters with many different rythmes, in the visible and the invisible. She creates words which repair, unify, regenerate and make people dream.


A bespoke calligraphy to offer or decorate your walls

Calligraphie contemporaine
Bespoke calligraphy

Our partner meditates on words, she is a contemporary calligrapher, a painter and decorator. She is able to draw unique creations and uses her talent, her emotions to transcribe your feelings or your DNA.

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