The leather in all its states…

Finishing is the generic name of the different stages of decorative and technical finishing that will give the added value of the fabric by modifying its touch, appearance or properties.
All types of leather can be decorated by different finishing processes.

Traditional gilding has been used for centuries to decorate and title books, decorate pieces of furniture, mark boxes, bags or small leather goods. Our partner workshops have a large number of gilding bookbinders, rollers and typographical characters giving the creations a unique and precious character.



Embossing leather is a technique for creating relief shapes. The relief can be neutral “tone on tone” or painted. To make an embossing, embossing plates are used – with classical patterns or contemporary ones. Cordoba leather panels can be made for interior decoration : walls, headboards, chairs and decorative panels.



Sheathing : leather is sheathed when it is glued onto a surface. Thus, leather is sheathed on boxes, furniture, walls, banister and other panels of all shapes and sizes.

The work of leather is infinite : we can make woven, pierced, pleated and even embroidered leather.



The workshops we are working with are all EPV – Entreprise du patrimoine vivant : French label, created in 2005, which awards the French workshops of excellence.

We are able to develop multi-materials projects with several know-how. These exceptional projects can be developped for companies, for hotels, interior architects, retail, yachting, private jets…

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