It helps so much for business !

I have ordered to RENÉE PARIS two change-trays in porcelain for my 2 best clients. We have worked a few weeks with Laetitia in order to find the hand-made drawing which will impact most each client.

The first client was so touched that he immediately called his wife in front of me to tell her what I offered him ! Then, I noticed that our relationship improved. And now, he wants to create a new business with me and calls me to become his partner.

The second client was more discrete. He did not open the present in front of me but I received a whatsapp on the evening saying “Very touching”. Today, he calls me to develop his own brand of phone accessories.

In other words, if you want to impact a good client, take a little time to know him/her, then, discuss with Laetitia and you will get a very special gift that
your client will never forget. It helps a lot for business !

J. Quinonero – CYBORG

Satisfied customers

RENÉE PARIS gave me complete satisfaction. The business gifts we have ordered are very qualitative (bespoke leather card-holders, keyrings and change trays).

I have started to give them to my clients and it is a pleasure to receive compliments from them ! Laetitia has guided us on the materials, the colours. She has negotiated with her partners to answer our demands.

She has given special attention to every detail. Thank you very much.

C. Fonteneau – MARAE SYSTEMS

An excellent service

Laetitia gave me an excellent service. Both in terms of product quality and advice.

She reconciled my requests with the technical imperatives of fabrication. The bespoke gift I have ordered for my client has met my expectations : true to our exchanges, of great finesse and a masterful achievement.

It is very rare I say I am 100% satisfied, but this is the case. Thank you Laetitia !

V. Ravel – IKUKI

Perfectly respected specifications

“On behalf of my clients and myself, I congratulate you for the work done : quick delivery, perfectly respected specifications and high quality of art craft.

These card holders with straw marquetry are unique and beautifully made. Congratulations and thank you again !”


A professional approach

By proposing very original gifts for our clients, it gave me the idea to reconsider my communication strategy around an object.

In fact, I sell apartments and houses and I am now giving a qualitative gift to my clients as soon as a property is sold. It is a nice way to keep in touch with our clients.

I highly recommand Laetitia Audinet’s professional approach,
her projects and her advice.


New ideas

It is a great pleasure to collaborate with Laetitia.
She is always ready to find solutions and bring new ideas.
The products she offers always correspond to our quality and manufacturing criteria.

The creations she has made for us are very appreciated
and meet our needs as well as those of our clients.


Know-how and skill of its leader

I have dealt with RENÉE PARIS twice and I have really appreciated the technical know-how and the skills of its leader.

Thanks to her ability to listen, Laetitia understood our expectations very quickly.
Surrounded by craftsmen and suppliers of quality, she has succeeded in creating qualitative, refined and bespoke products according to our image.

She has shown great professionalism and a deep knowledge of her profession.