A tailor-made porcelain creation

RENÉE PARIS proposes to customize an existing piece of porcelain (change-tray, cup, dish…) thanks to the talent of a porcelain decorator. We will identify the message you want to focus on in order to choose the object and the creation to draw. We will guide your imagination to create the bespoke design that will answer to your needs, in coherence with your values as well as your clients’.

RENÉE PARIS also proposes to tailor-made a porcelain collection or decorative panels with a ceramist.

For any project, we visit, as often as necessary, our partner’s workshop. We validate together the technical choices as well as the budget. Following our conversation, the craftsman finds inspiration and create his own masterpiece. Each piece is hand made and unique, it has its own story. You will be touched by this particular attention.

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