How to sublime material

The Rendez-vous de la Matière + fair(e) 2022 took place this year at the Atelier Richelieu, a magnificent site with beautiful volumes and a beautiful height. It welcomes 49 exhibitors who present us with new products and exceptional know-how. It is about bringing to the forefront of the architectural scene traditions thought by man and executed by his hands, for meticulous and meaningful finishes.”

We have experts in the field who are full of creativity and innovative ideas. Materials combine with audacity and originality : glass and feathers, oxidized metals and ceramics, straw marquetry and precious wood, plaster and gold leaf…



Emouvoir et sublimer les espaces

Craftsmen are all driven by the love of the materials and the desire to expand the possibilities. They challenge each other and the material. And they are rightly proud of the final rendering. Thus, we discover with emotion the creative and sensory potentials of the materials.

Aimed at architects and designers, this event is a meeting point between manufacturers and prescribers. It facilitates collaboration between creators and designers of materials.



An eco-responsible scenography

For this 8th edition, the MVRDV agency offers an eco-responsible and sustainable scenography. The modules, where the creations are exhibited, are 100% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable. The idea is to be able to return the panels to the supplier after the event in order to redesign and reform them.

The conferences are very rich: “Material at the heart of the debates”, “Local plastic waste as a source of material”, “Glass as the architect’s raw material”, “Should wood prevail in interior architecture ?” , «Return to grace of the stone in the city»… These subjects will occupy us for a long time in the coming years.



This high-quality event is an incredible source of inspiration for RENÉE PARIS. These enthusiastic exchanges with creators make us want to highlight and present their know-how to our customers. We already imagine beautiful collaborations and custom creations of exceptional decorative objects and panels…


Do you like these materials ? Do you have a tailor-made design project?

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