Maison & Objet 2021 show

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The 2021 edition, placed under the sign of desirable development, unveiled beautiful surprises. We mainly toured the Craft Hall to meet our partners and those of tomorrow. What a source of inexhaustible decoration !

This year, the focus is on natural materials: wood, rattan, ceramics, feathers…

Timeless trends that will stand the test of time. This year, the Maison & Objet show presents us clean shapes and cocooning materials, objects full of sweetness.



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An inspiring place

These places that inspire us…

During a walk in Le Touquet, we went to see the jewel of the city : the Hotel Barrière Le Westminster Le Touquet. What a source of inspiration ! Built in the Twenties and a refuge for stars, it reopened after several months of renovation and closure for sanitary reasons.

At the end of 2019, the renovation is launched by designer Bruno Borrione – he worked for Philippe Starck and Ian Schrager. Without touching the classic-chic identity of Westminster, the architect explains that “what can be restored is. And when the project allows it, contemporary creations slip into this setting”.

Our eyes marvel at the shades of bronze, grey, blue and red. Wood and some tapestries are still there, but vegetal and more «organic» elements, leather and glass in particular, bring just enough modernity to the whole so that it retains its authenticity.



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Leave a trace

Family tree

“If we were to live forever, everything would become monotonous. It is the idea of death that is close to us. It is man’s obsession and desire to leave an indelible trace of his ephemeral passage on this earth that give birth to Art.” (Brassaï).

When Letter, Word, Poetry, Colour and Material take the limelight.

Our calligrapher partner puts herself at the service of the living and stages an history, a family, names and dates… Through colors, reliefs, shapes, traces… the tree delivers a message that future generations will carry.




A custom calligraphy to offer or decorate your interior

Bespoke calligraphy

Our partner meditates on words, she is a contemporary calligrapher, a painter and decorator. She is able to draw unique creations and uses her talent, her emotions to transcribe your feelings.


Bespoke lampshades

Illuminate your interior with custom lampshades

Bespoke lampshades for a client who owns a villa on a French paradise island… The French craftsman, lighting designer and interior design, selects his materials among haute-couture fabrics. The beautiful lampshades are made with white silk satin on the outside and golden silk satin on the inside.

The fabrics were selected in connection with the colors, the coverings and the lines of the furnishings of the villa. The pure design of the lamps blends into the rooms, the lamps integrate in complete harmony. Golden silk satin brings warmth to these large white spaces.

This project made us travel (the craftsman and myself) : we imagined the seaside, the sound of the waves, the sun on our hats and cozy evenings in the villa elegantly lit by these new creations…



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RENÉE PARIS and the craftsmen

The testimonies of our partners mean a lot to us

“The opinion of our clients is essential. The opinion of our partners is just as essential. This could be part of a CSR policy but it is first of all common sense. RENÉE PARIS will not exist without its craftsmen. 

We admire their work and respect it. We are interested in their techniques and their innovations. With RENÉE PARIS, we want to help them develop their talent, sell their creations and promote their know-how all over the world.

We like to discover new gestures, new materials and make companies or individuals discover their savoir-faire. Working with the artisans, we have the impression – very modestly – of taking part in their creation. The relationship is true and professional. The working relationship is healthy because we want it to be “win/win”. We are delighted to read that our expectations are understood and that satisfaction is mutual.”



To read more testimonials of our partners :

Craftsmen testimonials

The opinion of our clients is essential. The opinion of our partners is just as essential. This could be part of a CSR policy but it is first of all common sense. RENÉE PARIS will not exist without its craftsmen.

Discreetly elegant

Straw marquetry screen

Create an isolated space for privacy or business meetings, protect against drafts or even protect from demons in some cultures… the screen appears in China in noble families of the Zhou dynasty.

In the 8th century, it was adopted by Japan and then Korea. The first British travellers brought several copies to Europe in the 15th century. It appears two centuries later in the private apartments where Catherine de Rambouillet launches the fashion of the screens in serge, in sheet adorned with silk, gold or silver braids.

Although becoming obsolete and vulgar at the end of the 18th century, the screens witnessed a new revival of consumer interest around 1860 under the reign of Napoleon III. At that time, the artistic movement inspired by Japanese art and developed in Impressionism & Art Nouveau appeared. The screens usually matched to the wall hangings or the seats upholstery. Brought up to date, it became a decorative piece of furniture.


Photo : this wood screen is composed of adjustable panels, covered with straw marquetry. Entirely made by a French straw marqueter craftsman.


To discover other straw marquetry creations

Moments of happyness

Carpe Diem

Weddings, parties, events were suspended for many months. It’s time to have fun, relive, create emotion and Beauty !

To write happiness, calligraphy gives grace to the simplest words. In fact, happiness can be said, it can also be written and leave an indelible trace. To give memory to each small object. 

We work with a calligrapher, Best Craftsman of France. She perfectly knows how to give soul to moments of happyness and to what she decorates.

She will sublimate your invitations, wedding announcement cards, table plans…

Her definition of calligraphy is “Beauty, Energy of the Letter, Vibration of the Word to the rhythm of the body & the breath like a dance.



The other ideas of calligraphies

Bespoke calligraphy

Our partner meditates on words, she is a contemporary calligrapher, a painter and decorator. She is able to draw unique creations and uses her talent, her emotions to transcribe your feelings.

The art of Stone Inlay

An everlasting painting…

Our fascination for hard stones is ancient. Inheritaded from the Romans, the art of stone inlay was, for the great masters of the Renaissance, the “Eternal painting” that would never fade. The technique of marquetry of hard stones is using cut and adjusted coloured stones, finely polished to create images, like a marquetry using minerals instead of wood.


Cutting blocks and trimming fine stones is a long and meticulous work. Hard stone marquetry is a rare art which is no more than in a few highly specialized workshops. This art meets decorating projects for a demanding clientele. The craftsman can be led to realise traditional decorative motifs but also contemporary creations where marquetry becomes a painting.

In her beautiful book, Annamaria Giusti, the leading author of hard stone marquetry, sums up its story :
“From 1588 in Florence, the Medici founded a prestigious manufacture dedicated to mosaics of hard stones called Commessi. Coral, garnet, sapphire, etc… were used. The manufacture has been successful for three centuries thanks to the virtuosity of the best specialists. Other factories opened their doors in Prague, at the court of Rudolph II of Habsburg and at the Goblins of the Sun King, before spreading to the kingdoms of Bourbon, in Naples and Madrid. An international language of the “Florentine mosaic” is developed, capable of creating works of absolute beauty in the field of decorative arts.”

Sylvaine, whose creations you discover, exhume the pretty stones and transform them into works of art. She uses lapis-lazuli, tiger eye, jasper, jade, amethyst, onyx, aventurine, malachite… but also mother-of-pearl and gold. She has a fascination for Asian art, for Persian miniatures whose finesse, delicacy and great creativity she admires. She is also very attached to the theme of tales and legends in which the presence of animals is strong. Like RENÉE PARIS, Sylvaine is passionate about Art and Beauty…



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Enhancing French creative heritage

“French Craft Guild”, a young and innovative association

“This new association brings together and promotes French creators who combine know-how, innovation, creativity and design. For them, “French Craft” does exist, and is above all a state of mind, a community of values, which draws its inspiration from the French craft and industrial heritage and places the human at the heart of its success: the valorisation of knowledge-make and know-how are the keys to their commitment.



By using our intangible cultural legacy as a lever for innovation and therefore for added value, they contribute every day to the attractiveness and image of France, its companies, its brands, its territories, its products, in all sectors of activity. Often synonymous with authenticity, innovative craftsmanship – or “Craft”- thus allows a differentiating offer and acts as a reassuring landmark on the origin and reputation of products among consumers. But above all, this “Craft” represents a true creative approach thanks to openness, sharing and interactivity.

Together under one banner, they multiply their strength, talent and voice to transform it into collective wealth. A richness intimately linked to the variety and diversity of the environment in which these entrepreneurs take care, as so many fields of experimentation, propitious to new ideas.


RENÉE PARIS supports the action of this young and innovative association “French Craft Guild”.
To discover it further, go and visit its website :


To find original ideas and know-how of French craftsmen


Craft ambassador

“Luxe Partenaires”, French association for partners dedicated to luxury, highlights the company RENÉE PARIS on its website.

Founder of RENÉE PARIS, Laetitia Audinet is a finder of exceptional objects…



We invite you to read her portrait :

Official site Luxe Partenaires

Published on the 15th of September 2019

Sector : CRAFT



To find original ideas and know-how of French craftsmen