Carpe Diem

Weddings, parties, events were suspended for many months. It’s time to have fun, relive, create emotion and Beauty ! To write happiness, calligraphy gives grace to the simplest words.

In fact, happiness can be said, it can also be written and leave an indelible trace. To give memory to each small object. We work with a calligrapher, Best Craftsman of France. She perfectly knows how to give soul to moments of happyness and to what she decorates.

She will sublimate your invitations, wedding announcement cards, table plans…



Her definition of calligraphy is “Beauty, Energy of the Letter, Vibration of the word to the rhythm of the body & the breath like a dance.”

The other ideas of calligraphies

Calligraphie contemporaine
Bespoke calligraphy

Our partner meditates on words, she is a contemporary calligrapher, a painter and decorator. She is able to draw unique creations and uses her talent, her emotions to transcribe your feelings or your DNA.

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