RENÉE PARIS, a story of a rebirth…


Laetitia worked for more than fifteen years in the LVMH group, in the perfume and fashion industries. Year after year, she learned about beauty, high quality and French savoir-faire. Therefore, she perfectly understands the luxury codes and requirements. She also discovered, during this period, the French know-how of Excellence.

She was trained in leather goods in the prestigious Grégoire Ferrandi school and in textiles in the Estah fashion school, both in Paris. Thanks to her long carreer in purchasing and product development for luxury brands, she gained an organized, precise, technical and demanding spirit.

Passionate, she likes to talk about the know-how she discovers, the partners she works with, and she likes to visit the workshops. She takes pleasure in explaining to her clients the specificity of each material, the possibilities, the technical constraints… Her passion is communicative, she inspires her clients and her team. She loves to create objects.


Choosing RENÉE PARIS as the brand name was an obvious choice for the founder. In latin « Renatus » means “born twice”.

This choice also comes from the heart : RENÉE PARIS is the founder’s grandmother’s name. This lady exuded feminity, elegance “à la française” and happiness.

“RENÉE” means : “Very energetic, RENÉE does not stay in place. This active lady gives much importance to her professional career. She is also a faithful wife and friend. She is often happy and joyful, you like spending some time with her, she inspires trust… ».

This first name is making a comeback. It is still an unusual and rare name but scarcity is a luxury, isn’t it ?


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