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We assist you in the design of exceptional custom-made objects, high-end business gifts, decorative objects and panels.


Our creations

RENÉE PARIS introduces you to the French savoir-faire of its partners.
For any know-how we propose, you will discover examples of our creations.


Our savoir-faire

RENÉE PARIS introduces you to the French savoir-faire of its partners. Each savoir-faire will give birth to a custom-made creation made by passionated artisans. RENÉE PARIS will manage the project and will be your central point of contact.


Goldsmithing and chiselling

The chiseling, the ornamental work of metals. The existence of goldsmiths is attested in all cultures since Antiquity. Gold and silver began to be used as decorative accessories to differentiate…

Design wickerwork

Discover contemporary wickerwork Basket weaving is the art of braiding plant fibres to make useful or decorative objects. This ancestral craft is present all over the world. These handmade contemporary…

Murano glass

A know-how from elsewhere… Murano’s reputation as a centre of glassware was born during the Republic of Venice. In 1291, fearing the fire and the destruction of the city, the…


Our approach

We collaborate with craftsmen from all over France. Thanks to their talents, the possibilities are endless : we choose a material with you, we design a 100% custom project or customize an existing craft object. Our creative responses are guided by our taste for Beauty and our expertise in the field of Luxury.


Advice and design

We provide you with a high quality of service : advice on multiple objects and know-how, selection of craftsmen of excellence, follow-up of production steps, quality control and deliveries.

The founder

Year after year, she learned about beauty, high quality and French savoir-faire. Her passion is communicative, she inspires her clients and her team. She loves to create objects with the French craftsmen and her clients.


For a few years now, initiatives are growing to discover French craft. RENÉE PARIS is delighted to give the opportunity to companies to discover these hidden talents through a differentiating offer.



To share about your project


In order to be proactive, the team of RENÉE PARIS visits workshops, trade shows, openings and museums. They meet new partners and discover new know-how, with the aim of offering innovative and original ideas to companies, prescribers and architects of interior design.



Clients testimonials

The satisfaction of our customers is essential.
We are sensitive to the words they choose to talk about us and our know-how.


High availability and high involvement

We worked with Laetitia on a Furoshiki to accompany our Christmas offers. The execution is very nice, communication was smooth. We noted high availability during the project development, and high involvement to face our constraints. A success !

It helps so much for business !

If you want to impact a good client, take a little time to know him/he than contact RENÉE PARIS and the team will create for you a very special gift.

Deep knowledge of its market

Real know-how and skills of its leader. RENÉE PARIS has a deep knowledge of its market.


Craftsmen testimonials

The satisfaction of our customers is essential. The satisfaction of our partners is so.
RENÉE PARIS will not exist without its craftsmen.


Smooth and professional approach

RENÉE PARIS and the craftsmen : it is a smooth approach which guarantees the consistency of our work over time in a climate of trust.

Willingness to listen and commitment to excellence

RENÉE PARIS has opened us to new projects, to original and precise needs.

Conviction and enthousiasm

Work for RENÉE PARIS leads to explore new solutions and new ideas.




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