RENÉE PARIS is a great enhancement of the French excellence.
Through prestigious creations of custom-made gifts and decoration objects
, RENÉE PARIS wants to make French and foreign companies discover the French craftsmen know-how.




Our approach

RENÉE PARIS is born after several years working for prestigious luxury brands, a great sensitivity to “Beauty” and a flowless admiration to the French craftsmen of excellence.


Made in France

The “Made in France” is an opportunity to construct step by step true and lasting partnerships with the French craftsmen. Maintain the links and challenge each other to propose original and superb objects in order to amaze your customers or your visitors.


For a few years now, initiatives are growing to discover French craft. RENÉE PARIS is delighted to give the opportunity to companies to discover these hidden talents through a differentiating offer.

Our approach

The mission of RENÉE PARIS is to satisfy the client with a creation he/she imagined, a creation of a French craftsman. It is also to create a lasting relationship with its partners.



Our values : Beauty, Trust and Excellence

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It helps so much for business !

If you want to impact a good client, take a little time to know him/he than contact RENÉE PARIS and the team will create for you a very special gift.

Deep knowledge of its market

Real know-how and skills of its leader. RENÉE PARIS has a deep knowledge of its market.

Masterful achievement

Masterful achievement. RENÉE PARIS has perfectly met our expectations.


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