The witness of an era

At the end of the 19th century, an artistic movement developed in France and in the countries of Western Europe, which stood out from the classical period by advocating a return to the study of nature : it was Art Nouveau. Its existence coincides with the key period of decorative architectural ceramics between 1890 and World War I. This is why the floral style is particularly well represented in the production of ceramic decorations.

However, all styles were put in the spotlight, starting with the revivals of the old styles (Antiquity, neo-gothic or Renaissance), the contributions of the area around the Mediterranean, Art Nouveau and finally Art Deco. After World War II, the fashion of these ornaments faded…



Fashion is an eternal renewal and the know-how of yesteryear is now back to the taste of the day with its modern touch. Our partner works to revive this know-how with sumptuous ceramic decorations : in general they are linear in friezes, they are also arranged on several lines to make up a large wall fresco, as an interior or exterior painting.

In order to define your preferences and the style of fresco you want, our partner produces 2 or 3 models of different styles and colors. These models are painted on reduced size paper.
She manufactures all her tiles by hand which allows to adapt to the precise dimensions imposed by the project.

After validation, the model is resized on paper in the final format and transferred to the assembled tiles.
All tiles are numbered to identify their location and allow a reconstruction of the final panel. At the exit of the oven, after the enamelling stage, they are assembled like a puzzle.



Responsible creations

These durable, unalterable and low-maintenance creations perfectly respond to a current desire to develop projects that last over time with beautiful and resistant materials. Why not reinvent wall ceramics by bringing a contemporary touch, graphic shapes, colors of the moment, pick in several styles ?

For the front of your shop, your professional sign, a lobby, a terrace… these ceramics will sublimate your living spaces and give them a touch of originality and authenticity.
Hotels, restaurants, shops… feel free to contact us!


After reading this article, your urban wanderings will not have quite the same flavor. Because you could see architectural ceramics at the corner… On a trip to the Tréport in Normandy, for example…



Do you like these creations ? Do you have a tailor-made design project ?

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