Illumination is an object of art…

Illumination is an art that finds its roots in the Early Middle Ages, originally aiming to bring light into ancient texts thanks to the use of gold leaves and pigments. The parchment, prepared from goat skins, was the most suitable medium for receiving a calligraphic and illuminated text. Nowadays, parchment is still the medium of illuminators. It has a soft and sensual touch : its irregularities, specific to each epidermis, makes it unique.

Our partner Sophie, a contemporary illuminator, likes to revisit this ancestral know-how and shake up the codes. She continues to use gold: far from being a simple color, gold dominates by its brilliance. Besides, gold has been credited with divine qualities for millennia. The processes allowing its use are multiple: gilding with amalgam, gold ink, foil on mordant or plate… The art of illumination, mixing worked gold leaves and intense colours on the parchment, brings only unique works.



Sophie knew how to evolve the illumination to the object of art. Inspired by the technique of medieval illumination, she adapts it in a contemporary way, mixing gold, silver, copper and bright pigments on parchment and stucco or paper mache. Stucco is made of amalgamated marble powder and fine plaster, it matches perfectly with illumination. These two ancestral techniques brought together create contemporary objects. The paper mache, by its raw side and its appearance of sandstone or granite, brings an astonishing contrast of material. In total opposition to the sensuality of the parchment, the two opposites attract and join in organic sculptures.



Illumination is an object of art and adapts to a decoration in perpetual evolution. For any project, do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal to realise your desires.
We are able to advise you on bespoke project : mural decoration, decorative panels, light, table or door with parchment or any other decorative creation.



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