Decorative Painter and Ornament Artist

The profession of a decorative painter belongs to the world of art craftsmen. The decorative painter works primarily in the fields of interior decoration and stage design. It blend techniques and materials to create trompe-l’oeil, patinas, in-situ or on-canvas panoramas.

Like a goldsmith, Céline designs decors that serve the atmosphere desired for the place. Her creations result from a succession of steps including tracing, sketching, applying patinas, and layering increasingly lighter coats of paint to achieve refined materials and lively decors.

The uniqueness of her work lies in the significant role she gives to graphite pencil in her creations. Light acts as a revealer of volumes and modifies appearances, with the graphite pencil being her tool of choice to create such contrasts. It can be gentle, caressing the surface, or become dark by pressing the lead.



Today, she views painting as the process that enhances the contrasts drawn with pencil. Whether in flat or gradient style, she always applies colors transparently and along the irregular edges of the previously drawn outlines. Her originality is also reflected in her watercolor-like technique of working with acrylic paint. Once the skeleton is built, the process usually follows the immutable “march towards the light.”

Thus, with color, the drawings come to life, the eye navigates through the decor, and perspectives and reliefs are accentuated. She rarely deviates from mineral tones, occasionally pairing them with metallic hues using leaf or acrylic pigments.

The diversity of her works demonstrates her mastery of all decorative painting techniques. She designs and creates everything from botanical murals on walls and ceilings to geometric, patinated or colored decors, including Art Deco-inspired designs and faux marbles in the most unexpected hues. She produces sketches, samples, and canvases in her Parisian studio and easily travels to sites in France and abroad. No two projects are alike, and Céline makes it a point to renew her techniques and colors with each new project.



You will see numerous works created for interior architects: faux marbles, Art Deco patterns, and silver, gold, and bronze metallic patinas combined with black lacquer, a large hallway with a monumental geometric mural like a rainbow, a torn-away effect decor, a ceiling botanical decor inspired by vineyards in the living room of a Bordeaux vineyard château, a mural decor in a Neuilly shop, and a sky and sand gradient in a VIP salon of a jeweler.

Her key words : accuracy, which she seeks in her creations as well as in her decisions and actions, commitment, which she cultivates in her professional and personal life, and movement, because she loves to infuse it into her creations.



If she had to choose a master of painting, it would be Da Vinci for his Sfumato: the art of blurring contours and enchanting reality. She creates to evoke emotions and foster a certain attachment to the work.

If you are architects, interior designers, contractors, heritage specialists, hotels, boutiques, restaurants, embassies, ministries, we will, with Céline, advise and delight you with a bespoke creation.

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