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Basket weaving is the art of braiding plant fibres to make useful or decorative objects. This ancestral craft is present all over the world. These handmade contemporary objects will appeal to fans of eco-friendly decoration, who are sensitive to design and natural materials.

We will focus on the cultivation of wicker, called wickerwork. Wicker is the year rejection of the willow. The wicker farmer harvests the wicker by cutting the stump to the ground. After sorting it by quality and size, he makes it dry for about 1 year in a dry space protected from light.



Our partner Marie braids French wicker from Haute Marne and Touraine – vegetable fibres are usually local to the activity. But before any creation and the beginning of braiding, it is necessary to loosen the wicker. In order to do so, our partner immerses the strands in a trough for several days. When the wicker fiber is sufficiently saturated with water, the craftsman has only 3 to 5 days to braid it, before the wicker is too dry.

Each project is drawn in advance, each strand is chosen by thickness and color. The raw wicker still has its natural bark (it is dark) and the white wicker has been peeled by the wicker farmer (its colour is clear). All falls are mulched or composted. This is a 100% biodegradable material.



Marie works mainly with very graphic openwork techniques. Her creations are inspired by Nature, by the trends of decoration, design and fashion. She manufactures lighting : the light, warmed by the wicker, underlines the lines of the braiding. She also creates wall sculptures, decorative panels and wicker objects.

For any basketry project, do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal to study your project. We will assist you in your tailor-made project.



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