Eggshell as raw material

Inspired by the very ancient traditional Japanese art, Rankaku, Nathalie makes this new material her own and creates mosaics from eggshells. With the delicacy of the support and the strength of the creation, this artist, trained as a mosaicist, assembles and composes her artwork.

She loves the raw aspect of the material and draws inspiration from nature for each creation. By playing on the natural curvature of the eggshells, she transforms an ordinary material into unique, extraordinary compositions in the form of panels, facings and sculptures.



From design to production, the pieces made from eggshells are entirely handcrafted in her workshop. The finish is either natural or painted. She innovatively combines the eggshell with handmade glass paste, gold or colored, or gold leaf, to reveal the beauty and texture of the shell. She favors black, which plays with light and highlights the material’s movements, and also offers compositions in natural shells.



Her artistic approach is also eco-friendly : the eggshell, composed of 95% mineral elements, is a natural, organic, porous, and resistant material. Nathalie sources this natural material from a local master pastry chef. After a rigorous cleaning and sorting process, she elevates this “poor” material and creates subtle and refined creations.



Nathalie firmly embodies eggshell mosaic in contemporary creation with her decorative panels, wall sculptures and outdoor sculptures. Her artistic proposals are intended for architects, decorators and designers who wish to enhance their clients’ interiors with ingenious and innovative projects that aim to reuse materials.


Photo Credit : Marion Saupin, Vincent Baldensperger, Sophie Chaulaic, Yasefan Prod

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