The chiseling, the ornamental work of metals.

The existence of goldsmiths is attested in all cultures since Antiquity. Gold and silver began to be used as decorative accessories to differentiate hierarchies and worship the gods. The archaeological discoveries have provided us with important documentation on the use of goldsmiths, in particular on the technique of chiselling and regrowth already used with great skill : for instance, the spectacular carved gold death mask of Tutankhamen or the jewellery discovered in Greece.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, goldsmiths, great connoisseurs of these precious metals, expanded their use and were well received because of the diversity of decorative objects : vases, trays, cutlery, necklaces, crowns, rings, chalices, reliquaries, censers…



Nowadays, the chiselling is still used with the same ancestral technique, it is the ornamental work of metals. It is made with sculptor chisels and hammers. Each chisel is made of forged steel, about 11-12 cm long, with a particular end according to the desired shapes and decoration patterns.

From a drawing, the metal plate (or object) is first prepared, then “glued” with chisel cement (resin-based wax), which allows the plate or object to be firmly held.
Using chisels and hammers, the drawing will be worked backwards to give it relief (regrowth technique), then the metal plate or object will be glued in place to continue the decorative chiselling.



Our partner Francisco, master goldsmith chiseler for several decades, approaches all variants of chiselling with expertise and know-how. All the drawings are handmade in real size, the objects are engraved on brass, silver or copper plates. Metal sculptor, he draws, forges, regrows, cuts, adjusts and assembles to create unique pieces. His three key words are passion, concentration and patience.

The goldsmithing and the chiselling invite in the contemporary decoration and offer multiple possibilities of marriage of materials and variants of the goldsmithing. For any project, do not hesitate to contact us, we will assit you to realise your desires. We will be by your side in the design of your custom project : wall decoration, decorative panels, lighting or any other decorative element.

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