Profession : art gilder

Millenary know-how, gilding appears in a new light in the hands of this gilding artist. His gestures, of singular virtuosity, reveal in a precious and modern way a drawing previously created and sublimated by the laying of gold.

The technique consists of hot-stamping series of small bronze irons in the form of curved or straight punches. Gold or colour melt in contact with heat and is permanently attached to the material.



Lucie declines her freehand drawings on many materials and elegant objects in leather, wood, textile, wallpaper, plexiglas, corian, plaster and wall painting.

After several hours of work in calm and concentration, the magic of prints operates. Shaped with love to detail, a graphic elaboration appears, a braided image of precision, as graceful as indefectible. Her patterns are the alloy of minimalist geometric figures, curved lines of rare nobility and pointillism.



This ornemanist revisits this ancestral concept with audacity in the fields of art, fashion, interior architecture and design. What could be more beautiful than 22 carat gold to affix volutes and arabesques on her creations. Her creative work is also open to patterns in silver, bronze or other shades.

Because it gives a real added value to the product, this know-how is a gold mine for innovative and tailor-made projects. Besides, this art has its rightful place in the era of ultra personalization.



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