This accessory has the right to be visible and yet discreetly shields the face…

The fan, a few elegant strands in the hands.
The fan appears from Antiquity. It appears discreetly at first but then becomes a fashion accessory. It adds to a garment and cools with style. It also sends messages, it is a second feminine language…



Couture fans are collectors items : they are adorned with marabout feathers, pheasant feathers, cockerel feathers, embroidered silk… We open and closing them with panache, they cool perfectly. The fan makers made it their art. Each fan is made with meticulous care : the creation of the model, the selection of the materials, the preparation of the fabric, the pleating, the laying… so many gestures which give, step by step, birth to the fan.

The fan is also a fantastic and original communication tool. We develop bespoke fans, perfect to accompany guests during an event, or to give clients or collaborators for a special event.


To find original ideas and know-how of French craftsmen

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