The story of a meeting between a fan maker and a French papermaker.

This creative complicity gave birth to the creation of a luxury fan with a sumptuous Japanese paper made from the fiber of Kozo, the murier of Japan. These prestigious Chyogami papers, with their unique features, has been inscribed in the World Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2014. Silkscreened in the greatest tradition, this authentic paper has a very strong resistance to wrinkling. No bleaching or chemical treatment is applied, its colors persist over time.



The fan has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage since 2020. This creation is made with one different paper on each side and is entirely handmade by our partner master of fan art : folding and mounting of the sheets, cutting of the two high sheets, closing of the rivet… Its frame is wooden, its bail is composed of a ribbon trim and matching beads.



This fan with its unique character is presented in a matching case, assembled and mounted by hand : cutting of cardboard and paper, mounting, adding closures by magnet, making pouches, etc. A superb decorative object. The paper motif can be floral, contemporary, graphic… A wide variety of papers, all more beautiful than each other, is available. How do you imagine yours ?

We are at your disposal if you want to know more about this eco-responsible creation and these two know-how. Do not hesitate to contact us for a custom-made creation.



« Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail ». Léonard de Vinci.

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