Tailor-made lampshades

Custom made lighting

Thanks to a talentuous lampshade maker, we create few lampshades to decorate a luxurious villa in St Barthelémy. The French craftsman, lighting and interior designer, selects her materials among Haute-Couture fabrics. The prestigious lampshades are made with white silk satin on the outside and golden silk satin on the inside.

The fabrics were selected in connection with the colors, the coverings and the lines of the furnishings of the villa. The pure design of the lamps blends into the rooms, the lamps integrate in complete harmony. Golden silk satin brings warmth to these large white spaces.

We are at your disposal to create custom-made lampshades that will blend into your rooms or, according to your needs, will be noticed by their audacious shape and materials.



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A leather phone pouch

A sober and elegant leather pouch for your mobile phone

This elegant phone pouch was created for a prestigious Parisian hotel. It meets the need of staff who keeps going through the corridors, the floors, to welcome, inform the clientele and manage their requests at all times. The telephone has become the essential communication tool to communicate quickly between services. We add a small slot on the back of the pouch to insert the badge that staff needs all day long.

Carried on the shoulder, this pouch is intended to be the complement of their uniform. Discreet, elegant and practical, it is an integral part of the hotel’s visual identity. This accessory is made of cowhide leather, it was entirely made in France by a leather craftsman. Through this choice, the hotel confirms its commitment to French artisans.

The custom-made leather pouch will undoubtedly be appreciated by your staff or your clients. It can also draw attention during an event. Designed to meet a specific need, this special attention will seduce.



Material : cowhide leather

Size : 12 cm x 18 cm H (adjustable handle)

Colours : upon request

Logo : hot stamped logo (on demand)

Minimum quantity : 25 units

Origin : Made in France

Authenticity certificate provided



Other ideas of leather accessories : card-holder, passport-holder, keyring, organiser, desk pad, mouse pad, prototype, watches or glasses pouch…


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A bespoke carbone box

A prestigious bespoke carbon case

Our client could be a collector of prestigious pens but he says he is not. These pens are his daily work tools and he changes them according to his desires. Each has its own ink color and this architect uses them to create and draw all its projects.

As a consequence, he wanted to create the case that could welcome his magnificent pens. His specifications were very precise. We were able to meet its requirements thanks to the subtle and meticulous know-how of our cabinetmaker partner.

If you or your clients own a nice collection of watches or pens, we will be delighted to create for you a prestigious case to keep them safe. You will be sensitive to this particular attention.


Wood : French solid walnut. Exterior surfaces in geniune carbon

Size : 30 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm H

External finishings : two-layer polyurethane open-pored varnish on wood and filled with polishing for carbon

Hinges : with compas

Magnet closure : round Néodyme magnets – 3mm diameter

Origin : made in France by a French cabinet maker craftsman – Authenticity certificate is provided

Price : on request



Other ideas of bespoke wooden objects : tray, change tray, phone-holder, cigar humidor…


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Porcelain ice bucket

Let’s celebrate with an elegant ice bucket !

To thank his staff for their hard work during the lockdowns, our client was looking for something elegant, useful and festive. He wanted to end joyfully an intense period during which the pressure was immense. What could be more suitable than a nice porcelain ice bucket !

We proposed several ideas of objects to our client and it is indeed the idea of the ice bucket that was retained. It was made by a ceramist craftsman . The leather handle, with saddle-stitching, was made by a leather craftsman. Each piece is unique: it is hand-made, produced on the potter’s wheel.

Each ice cube bucket was carefully packed and mailed. The employees had a nice surprise when they opened their package, they were deeply touched by this particular attention.



Matière : porcelain

Size : 12 cm H x 11 cm diameter

Specificity : hand-made, produced on the potter’s wheel, after two firings of 960° then 1280°.

French ceramist and craftsman
French leather maker craftsman

Authenticity certificate is provided.



Other idea of porcelain objects : duo coffee cups, vase, pot…

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A custom jewelry tray

To present your jewels on a beautiful wooden and leather tray

Our client is jeweller and watchmaker. He wanted to create a tray to present his prestigious jewels and watches. This nice tray was created thanks to two French “savoir-faire” : our cabinet maker partner made the wooden tray in the required wood and size, our leather product maker finalised it adding leather at the bottom of each tray.

This oak and leather jewelry tray highlights each piece of jewellery. Ten units were created and made available to sellers in the boutique.

You are jewellers, watchmakers or artisan jeweler, we will be delighted to create for you tailor-made wooden tray or drawers to present your creations. Each client will be sensitive to this particular attention.



Wood : oak (others : walnut, ebony of macassar, pear tree …)

Size : 35 cm x 25 cm x 3 cm H

Bespoke external finishings : mat varnish (others : shiny varnish, waxed, lacquer, carbon …)

Origin : Made in France by two French craftsmen

Authenticity certificate is provided

Price : on request



Other ideas of bespoke wooden objects : watches or pencils case, change tray, phone-holder, cigar humidor…


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Leather travel pouch

A travel diary inserted in an travel pouch

This bespoke travel pouch was created for a travel agency. They wanted to offer to their clients a leather case in order to insert a travel diary. Each colour represents a continent, the clients love to collect pouches.

This travel accessory is made of calf leather with vegetable tanning. It was made in France by a French leather goods craftsman.

Your client, your collaborator or your business contributor will be deeply touched by this unique leather pouch. Thought to answer to a specific need, this particular attention will seduce.



Material : Calf leather, full grain – the densest and the most resistant part of the leather.

Size : 25,5 cm x 17 cm

Colours : on request

Personalisation : hot stamped debossed or embossed logo

Minimum quantity : 50 units

Origin : Made in France – Authenticity certificate is provided



Other ideas of leather accessories : card-holder, passport-holder, keyring, organiser, desk pad, mouse pad, prototype, watches or glasses pouch…


Other leather creations

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A tailor-made furoshiki

A 100% recycled furoshiki

Our client is a new organic Cosmetic brand with 100% natural origin ingredients. They want to be as close as possible to nature. It was therefore natural to work together a Furoshiki with recycled fibers, 100% Made in France.

Our client worked with an illustrator to create the design. We can also help you create a custom-made design. Depending on the elements provided, your DNA and your graphic chart, our designer will offer you several creations and we will choose together the one that suits you best.

This accessory is ideal to enhance your events or your products, or as a personalised gift.



Materials : 56% recycled polyester (discarded plastic bottles), 41% recycled cotton (fabric scraps), 3% other recycled fibers

Care instructions: Machine washable at 30°. Iron on white side.

Size : 50 x 50 cm

Personnalisation : designed by our textile designer or we print your own creation

Origin : Weaving and assembling are made in France. Traceability is guaranteed – CSR Corporate Social Responsability

Finishing : overlock stitch or laser cut

Packaging : specific folding, silk paper…

Price on request

Other ideas : tailor-made scarves or pareos in 70%cotton/30% silk or 100% silk twill, plaids…



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Travel cigar case

A luxury cigar humidor

This luxury case was specially designed for a business man who was fond a cigars and used to travelling a lot. It was made in a Parisian workshop by a team of art cabinetmakers and executed in a traditional way.

Presented in raw textured oak, this new model offers a natural and sober expression. The interior is made of orodata cedar ; this wood essence is particularly recommended for the preservation and fragrance it gives to cigars. Its shape with soft curves and its small size will facilitate its handling.

Your customers, your business providers or yourself, if you are cigar lovers, will deeply appreciate this object we can tailor-made for you.



Wood essence : exterior in raw textured oak and palm wood, interior in orodata cedar

Size : 24 cm L x 19,3 cm l x 5 cm

Inside adjustment :
– nine storage units for cigars
– one storage unit for around ten cigarillos – they are hold thanks to a small magnetic palm board – The humidification is made by inserting a dehumidifier bag (on the top left of the lid).
This travel cigar case is not a permanent humidor, it doesn’t have a hygrometer.

Origin : made in France by art cabinetmakers. The workshop has the label EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)

Authenticity certificate is provided

Price on request : it is possible to change the wood for the exterior according to the available wood in the workshop. The inside can also be changed.



Other ideas of wooden objects : wooden box for watches or pens, tray for jewels, change-tray, phone holder, pencil case…


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Bespoke straw marquetry decoration

A decoration made in straw marquetry

The straw inlay craftsman is able to embellish any support with his (her) creations made with rye straw.

These creations can ornament the inside of a store, a shop window, an office…


Material : Rye straw

Decoration : Sur mesure

Size : Sur mesure

Origin : Decoration made in France by a straw inlay craftsman

Single unit or small production

Authenticity certificate is provided

Ideas : lamp, table, wall decoration, screen, picture, mirror…



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Trout leather collection

This collection belongs to an exclusive small leather product collection. Each accessory is made of a new and unkwown leather : trout leather.

This trout leather comes from a small village in the South West of France (called Banca, in the Basque region). The leather is soft and has many reflective qualities. Its material is unique in France. Therefore, each accessory is unique.

They are all refined and well-thought accessories.


To know more about the Banka trout farm

Banka collection

It is the story of a fish farm in the Basque Country in France. A family had the great idea to use the skin of the trouts they do not need to make a very personal and select leather collection : the Banka collection.

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