“Take Care ! ”

For its January edition, the Maison&Objet Paris fair invites us to get involved with a theme under the banner of conscious and engaged kindness. Taking care of oneself (physical and mental health), taking care of others, of the planet, and taking care of heritage and venerable skills. It seems a new ethic is taking hold with design and decoration.

At RENÉE PARIS, we have long been convinced that to surround oneself with “Beau” is to take care of oneself. It is also to perpetuate the know-how of French craftsmen through bold and eco-responsible creations. It is to admire natural and authentic materials, amazing recycled materials, in order to do good to the planet.



Straw marquetry inspires… and there are many beautiful contemporary creations. To this naturally luminous and warm material blend resolutely modern materials like brass. The straw has a silica varnish that makes it resistant and waterproof.
Each craftsman has his own style, his supports, his creations : mirrors, decorative panels, wall decorations, trays, lights, boxes…

Wool creations have been appearing for some time… They are always amazing, elegant and soft. The felting of the wool is done by friction, by hand or under the weight of the craftsman’s body (yes !). This material offers unexpected new design solutions for interior architecture and decoration.



The colors are warm, natural, coming from the earth. From red earthenware, slate, wicker, and knitted sculpture, French craftsmen take us on a journey through their world of materials.

With each edition of M&O, it’s a new wonder, new ideas to share with our customers to create beautiful custom projects together…



The walls are dressed in textures. The surfaces come alive with the light to reveal the play of transparency, shine, color and volume. Like frescoes, the wall decorations are lime-coated, engraved, hand embroidered, decorated with feathers…

Welcome to a world reconciling softness, convictions and optimism.


Do you like these creations ? Do you have a tailor-made design project ?

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