The « Aliénés » of the Mobilier National meet some artists

An “Aliené” of the Mobilier National is an object that no longer belongs to the National furniture collections. Thus, it gains a form of independence and can be sold, modified, dismembered to recover materials or even destroyed. “Alienated”, a term from the 12th century, means in French “make other”. It retains its first meaning when it comes to furniture.

Since the 17th century, the Garde-Meuble de la Couronne, now Mobilier National, has regularly «alienated» its unused furniture or the objects that were no longer of historical or artistic interest. Once decommissioned, these furniture become ordinary and anonymous furniture .



Thus, the Mobilier National has kindled the imagination of sculptors, designers, embroiderers, visual artists, glassmakers or engravers. They have tried this experiment in a common concern for responsibility and sustainable development and to draw attention to the immense pool of materials, style and know-how that this heritage represents. Discover some examples of unique creations.



Starting from a ceiling lamp with alabaster basin, the artist multiplies the size of the initial object by imagining a large chandelier of classical form entirely made of hair. He reuses the original bronze frame and respects the lines of tradition. This achievement must be considered as a gesture of agreement between a past and a future.

Two bedside tables in painted wood (Louis XVI style, 20th century interpretations) are reborn, decorated with straw marquetry.

A glassmaker works on a classic lantern from the late nineteenth century. She dresses it with hot-bent glass plates enriched with colour applications.



From a simple 20th century office in the Empire style, an artist invites us on an underwater journey to discover some wonderful wreck invaded by the multicolored underwater life of the warm seas. Fully decorated by hand with leather scraps.

A petrified discharge table in a shroud of stones.

Adding a simulated knotted rope to a dresser suggests a bundle. This link evokes contemporary and ancient know-how when they come together in a virtuous approach.



A sculptor and wooller works on a wardrobe. The apparent modesty of her intervention reveals the fields of possibility for simple furniture that can easily find a delicate honor, capable of infinite variations in original and creative registers.


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