Review of the Evening of June, 4, 2024 by the club ESSEC Luxe

As an alumna of ESSEC, I joined the club ESSEC Luxe alongside Cécile du Chesnay and Karine Cevoz-Goyat a few months ago. This club’s mission is to organise events around personalities and themes in the world of Luxury.

This commitment is a natural extension of my work with RENÉE PARIS. For seven years, RENÉE PARIS has strived to make French crafts known to French and foreign Luxury houses, to preserve the know-how, to assist the Luxury Houses in the design of bespoke objects and decorative panels, in collaboration with French excellent artisans.

The subject of the round table was found: “The talent of craft artisans at the service of Luxury houses. The challenges : enhancement of the offer, sustainability of know-how, training and transmission”.
A huge thanks to our speakers who shared their expertise and passion : Bénedicte Epinay from the Comité Colbert, Lison de Caunes from Ateliers Lison de Caunes and Vincent Guillet from Delvaux.




Founded in 1954 by Jean-Jacques Guerlain, the Comité Colbert brings together 93 French luxury houses, 17 cultural institutions, and 6 European members. Since March 2020, Bénédicte Epinay has been leading the Comité, strengthening her mission “to passionately promote, to sustainably develop and to patiently pass on French craftmanship and creation to infuse a new sense of wonder.”

Facing a shortage of labor in the fine craft and production, the Comité organizes initiatives like “Les de(ux)mains du Luxe”, allowing the public, especially young people, to discover several know-how, to participate to workshops, to learn about the different courses. In order to awaken consciences and consider careers in this field.




Lison de Caunes, after studying at the Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs, specialized in straw marquetry, continuing the tradition of her grandfather, André Groult. She revives this technique by restoring furniture and objects from the 17th century to the Art Deco period, and actively participates in exhibitions and publications to raise awareness of this delicate and luxurious art.



Founded in 1829 in Brussels, DELVAUX is the oldest luxury leather goods house in the world and the inventor of the modern handbag (first world patent in 1908). It holds one of the richest handbag archive libraries in the industry (3,000 pieces). It manufactures everything from trunks to bags in its own workshops. Since July 2021, it has been part of the RICHEMONT group. Its distribution is exclusive and selective, the brand has 67 stores worldwide.

The brand has a strong link with craftsmanship, mainly French and Italian. Each new collection leads to collaborations with artisans. Its Autumn Winter 2024 collection “Savoirs et savoir-faire” (“Knowledge and Know-How”) is a showcase of exceptional craftsmanship and a huge technical challenge : bags in ceramic, malachite stone, wood and mother-of-pearl marquetry, straw marquetry…



As Bénédicte Epinay aptly said during the round-table discussion, the craft sector is “the oldest sector of the future.”

We are delighted to continue this fabulous theme of fine craft within the ESSEC Luxe club in the coming months.

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