Décoration sur vide-poche en porcelaine sur mesure

It helps so much for business !

“I have ordered to RENÉE PARIS two change-trays in porcelain for my 2 best clients. We have worked a few weeks with Laetitia in order to find the hand-made drawing which will impact most each client.

The first client was so touched that he immediately called his wife in front of me to tell her what I offered him ! Then, I noticed that our relationship improved. And now, he wants to create a new business with me and calls me to become his partner.

The second client was more discrete. He did not open the present in front of me but I received a whatsapp on the evening saying “Very touching”. Today, he calls me to develop his own brand of phone accessories.

In other words, if you want to impact a good client, take a little time to know him/her, then, discuss with Laetitia and you will get a very special gift that your client will never forget. It helps a lot for business !”

J. Quinonero – CYBORG


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