A bespoke wooden creation

Wood has always been very appreciated. This noble material is synonymous of solidity and longevity. A long lasting object mirrors a precious and durable relationship. In order to create a 100% wooden bespoke object, RENÉE PARIS discusses with you, reformulates your desires and your objectives. She explores your tastes and make your needs clear.

We help you to chose the type of wood you prefer, the shape of the object, the dimensions and the finishings. At the same time, we are in contact with the craftsman in order to keep in mind the esthetical and technical constraints. Ideas of creations are numerous : a tailor-made wooden box for your prestigious watches or pens, a wooden tray for jewels, a small furniture… Each piece will be unique and will tell a story.

Your client, your collaborator or your business contributor will be delighted with this particular attention.

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