A prestigious bespoke carbon case

Our client is not only a collector of prestigious pens. As an architect, these pens are his daily work tools and he changes them according to his passing desire. Each has its own ink color and the architect uses them to create and draw all his projects.

As a consequence, he wanted to create the case that could welcome his magnificent pens. His specifications were very precise. We were able to meet its requirements thanks to the subtle and meticulous know-how of our cabinetmaker partner. Through this choice, this architect confirms his commitment to French craftsmen. Designed and created to meet a specific need.



The belt of the coffret is made of black tinted solid walnut wood of France, the top and the bottom are in plywood Okoumé. The exterior surfaces are covered with carbon plates, real carbon worked in France. As for the finish, a two-layer open-pore polyurethane varnish was applied to the wood and filled with carbon polishing. Its size is 30 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm H. Its hinges are compass hinges, it closes thanks to cylindrical neodymium magnets of 3mm diameter. The tray for the pens was printed in 3D and then covered by suedine velvet.


Other ideas of bespoke wooden objects : tray, change tray, phone-holder, cigar humidor…

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