A luxury cigar humidor

This luxury case was specially designed for a business man who was fond a cigars and used to travelling a lot. It was made in a Parisian workshop by a team of art cabinetmakers and executed in a traditional way.

Presented in raw textured oak, this new model offers a natural and sober expression. The interior is made of orodata cedar ; this wood essence is particularly recommended for the preservation and fragrance it gives to cigars. Its shape with soft curves and its small size will facilitate its handling.

Your customers, your business providers or yourself, if you are cigar lovers, will deeply appreciate this object we can tailor-made for you.



Wood essence : exterior in raw textured oak and palm wood, interior in orodata cedar

Size : 24 cm L x 19,3 cm l x 5 cm

Inside adjustment :
– nine storage units for cigars
– one storage unit for around ten cigarillos – they are hold thanks to a small magnetic palm board – The humidification is made by inserting a dehumidifier bag (on the top left of the lid).
This travel cigar case is not a permanent humidor, it doesn’t have a hygrometer.

Origin : made in France by art cabinetmakers. The workshop has the label EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant)

Authenticity certificate is provided

Price on request : it is possible to change the wood for the exterior according to the available wood in the workshop. The inside can also be changed.



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